Meet Our Artists

Our artists are dedicated to excellence and hold the highest form of professionalism.

Jay Alexander

Jay Alexander is committed to living creatively and has dedicated his life to the pursuit of craft. Whether music, art, theater, television or hair, Jay’s passion is the dynamic process. His stylistic approach is to bring a vision from start to finish and enhance the natural beauty of each individual. Jay utilizes color, cut and style to enrich, enliven and capture a unique fusion of classic design and modern chic.

Tam Tran

For the past ten years Tammy has dedicated her life to excellence and continuing education with in her craft.  Her professionalism and electric energy creates a welcoming environment for all her clients. She values the well being of all guest and creates unique wearable styles.

Seda Prak

Seda has been working as a LCN artist for over two decades. "I always strive to provide my customers with the best products for their skin and nails. She chooses LCN because it is healthy for the client as well as for the environment. Seda is proud to say that she has seen a dramatic improvement in the condition of her client's nails.